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Why we should pray for each other

When we pray and “carry each other’s burdens,” we “will fulfill the law of Christ.”  (Gal 6:2) And this brings us closer to the heart of God. Prayer and Fasting What to Pray  1.       Begin by praising God and acknowledging that He is supreme and in control and has the power to lift all our burdens. 2.       Repent of any sinfulness in your life. 3.       Pray specifically for deliverance from the coronavirus pandemic.  4.       Healing for those who have contracted it. And protection for those who haven’t.  5.       Comfort and encouragement for those who have lost loved ones and friends.  6.       Wisdom and protection for world, country, state, province and local leaders. 7.       Wisdom, protection and strength for the scientific and medical communities who are working tirelessly to deal with the virus and the aftereffects. 8.       Pray for the elderly at greater risk, especially those in nursing homes isolated from loved ones.  9.       Intercede f

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