The True Gift of Christmas

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The True Gift of Christmas
by Keith Kenemy

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the flat
nothing was stirring, not even a bat.
Suddenly in the night came a cry of gloom
when the kids woke up and searched every room.
The kitchen, the closets, the cellar, the den,
and after they finished, they started over again.

Jack be nimble, Jack be swift
Jack searched everywhere for his Christmas gift.
“Where are the toys I asked Santa to bring?
I can’t even find a single thing."
I sent him a letter many months ago,
long before we had any snow.
I asked for some games, a bat and a ball.
But now it appears he’s forgotten to call.”

Said Little Miss Muffet, who had also written,
“I want a doll and a cute little kitten.”
“Where is my tea set?” cried little Bo Peep
as she sat on the sofa and began to weep.

“What about my train?” asked little Jack Horner,
who went and sulked alone in the corner.
Jack from the beanstalk began to cry and pout,
"Isn’t this what Christmas is all about?"

Then suddenly they heard a thump on the roof
and the pitter patter of sharp little hooves.
From the chimney they heard a scuffling sound
and fat old Santa fell to the ground.
His face was covered with dirt and ashes
as he peered at them through horn rimmed glasses.
From Jack and Jill came this hurried cry,
“Santa, Santa. We thought you forgot to come by.”

The kind old man looked frail and weak
as he sat in a chair and began to speak.
“Come children gather, I have much to say
for I must be gone before the break of day."
In his hands he clutched a simple little book
and the kids crept closer for a better look.

"2000 years ago in Bethlehem town
a baby came to life to claim a crown.
Unlike the crowns of modern day kings
made of pearls and rubies and precious things,
this one was made of thorns and strife
and came to be known as the crown of life.

The baby Jesus grew to be a full-grown man
travelling everywhere throughout the land,
to tell a story of peace and love
sent from his father from high up above.

Be kind to the poor and help the sick
it’s a command from God whose judgment is quick.
And to prove that He meant what he said,
he healed the lame and raised the dead.

Believe in me, was his humble plea,
that God is my Father, and I am he.
And when I return to heaven on high
I’ll prepare a room for you and I.
We’ll live forever in joy and peace
in a spirit of love that will never cease.

Though many of the people began to believe
the leaders of Israel were quick to deceive.
He’s not our God, they laughed and scorned,
he’s just a man who was humanly born.
They didn’t believe in His miracle birth
that God had sent him to save the earth.

They took Him captive and nailed him to a tree.
And this my children, I hope you will see,
the true gift of Christmas for you and for me
is that He gave His life so we could be free.

As the nails pierced His wounded hands
a darkness fell over all the lands.
“My God, My God," was His heart broke plea.
“Why hast thou forsaken me?”

Alone on the cross every sin He bore
so that you and I could live once more.
The man of peace became full of sin
so our forgiveness he could win.

As the mountains shook and a fierce wind blew
the veil in the temple was torn in two.
“It is finished,” was his triumphant cry,
and then He ascended to our God on high.

So this children is the Gospel, simple and true,
about the child of Christmas who died for you."

His story finished, Santa stood on his feet,
but the kind old man looked tired and beat.
The children sat silently with little joy.
Could they face Christmas without a new toy?

Sadly Santa slipped out of the door
as the kids stared blankly at the floor.
The kind old man knew he had let them down
and tears flooded his worn out frown.

But as he walked towards his sleigh
something caused him to turn away.
Back at the house he heard a gleeful shout,
so he looked in the window to see what was about.
Squinting and peeking through the icy snow
what he saw made his poor heart glow.

The children were praying, all on their knees,
saying to God, “Lord if you please,
bless us with a spirit of truth and love,
and crown us with peace from Christ up above.
Thank you for telling us His wonderful story.
May heaven and earth be full of His glory.”

With a smile on his face and joy in his heart
Santa knew it was time to depart.
The night was short, his task was long,
and the spirit of Christmas would soon be gone.
Now he must hurry to spread his message of cheer
before the dawn broke on another New Year.

The children waved a grateful goodbye
as his sleigh flew high up into the sky.
"Ho!  Ho! Ho!" Echoed his triumphant call.
This is the merriest Christmas of them all.


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